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Build your own boat completing a bare hull

Year: 1996
Language: english
Author: Ian Nicolson
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: Sheridan House Inc.
Edition: Second
ISBN: 085036 458 2
Format: PDF & EPUB
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 212
Description: BUIL.D YOUR OWN BOAT is a must for the amateur who wants to be convinced that he can
confidently approach the prospect of building his own dream boat. With the support of many
diagrams and sketches, Ian Nicolson teaches all the skills necessary to create anything from
a small cruiser to an impressive 75-foot yacht.
The techniques used are applicable to almost any building material, including wood, steel,
aluminium, ferro-cement and especially fibreglass. From start to finish, from selecting an
appropriate hull to fitting-out, the enthusiast will gain the knowledge and ability to meet any
challenges along the way.
There is a mass of practical information on everything, from securing decks to shaping and
bonding bulkheads, fitting windows, putting on rudders, installing piping, making the galley,
setting up rigging, ordering sails - in short, just about anything you need to install in a sail or
power boat.
Upon completion, the boat builder, whether amateur or professional, working alone or with help,
will find his newly created boat as sound and seaworthy as, and far bigger than, any vessel he
could afford from a shipyard.
Ian Nicolson is a fellow of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, the owner of A. Mylne & Co., the
oldest survey/design company in the world, and the founder partner of Nicolson Hughes Sails.
He has built a large number of boats, from dinghies to forty-foot yachts, and owns a race-winning
Sigma 33. He has contributed to all major yachting magazines and written over 20 books on
boatbuilding, designing, racing and cruising.
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Build your own boat completing a bare hull


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