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Coastal navigation for the small boat sailor

Year: 1984
Language: English
Author: Jeff Markell
Publisher: Tab Books
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-0830616282
Format: PDF & EPUB
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 260
Description: Safe boating isn’t a matter of luck . . . it’s knowing what to do, and when,how, and why to do it! Now, with this excellent guidebook at your side, you’ll be prepared to set off on a safe and enjoyable cruise on the coastal seas. Here, for your personal guidance, are the tools, the techniques, and the know-how you need to help you make those vital decisions that make the difference between safe, prompt arrival at your destination ... or discomfort, inconvenience, and possibly worse.
Just some of the knowledge you’ll acquire: how to pinpoint your location and determine the direction you should steer by your compass; how to figure out time, speed, and distance questions; how to translate all those symbols, marks, numbers, and letters on a nautical chart into meaningful directions; how to read the meanings of seagoing road signs—buoys, beacons, and others; how to understand tides and currents and how to adjust speed and direction to compensate for those factors; and, most importantly, how to become a safe, secure boatsman! You’ll also discover that plotting an accurate route has other advantages . . . like fuel savings and the luxury of being able to coordinate your ship to shore activities more accurately.
An invaluable guide for every small boat sailor, this is a volume that won’t overwhelm you with masses of information you’ll never need to use ... yet it contains all the vital information you do need to handle your boat with confidence on coastal seas, using only charts, compass, inexpensive instruments.. and common sense!
About the Author
A retired officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine, former district commander of the U.S. Power Squadrons.



Coastal navigation for the small boat sailor


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