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Chief Engineer Officer and Second Engineer Officer (Model Course 7.02)

Year: 2014
Language: english
Author: IMO
Genre: Training courses
Publisher: IMO
Edition: 2014
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 204
Description: The purpose of the IMO model courses is to assist maritime training institutes and their teaching staff to introduce and organise new training courses and enhance existing training material, whereby the quality and effectiveness of the training may be improved.
It is not the intention of the model course programme to present instructors with a rigid "teaching package" which they are expected to "follow blindly". Nor is it the intention to substitute audiovisual or "programmed" material for the instructor's presence. As in all training endeavours, the knowledge, skills and dedication of the instructors are the key components in the transfer of knowledge and skills to those being trained through IMO model course material.
The educational systems and the cultural backgrounds of trainees in maritime subjects vary considerably from country to country. For this reason, the model course material has been designed to identify the basic entry requirements and trainee target group for each course in universally applicable terms, and to specify clearly the technical content and levels of knowledge and skill necessary to meet the technical intent of IMO conventions and related recommendations.
This is the first major revision to this Model Course. In order to keep the training programme up to date in future, it is essential that users provide feedback. New information will provide better training in safety at sea and protection of the marine environment. Information, comments and suggestions should be sent to the Head of the STCW and Human Element Section at IMO, London.
Additional info: This model course aims to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for knowledge, understanding and proficiency in Table A-Ill/2 of STCW Code for the function Marine Engineering at the Management Level, for the function Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering at the Management Level, for the function Maintenance and Repair at the Management Level and the background knowledge to support Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for Persons on Board at the Management Level.


Part A: Course Framework for all functions 10
Function 1: Marine Engineering at the Management Level
Part B1: Course Outline 29
Part C1: Detailed Teaching Syllabus 34
Part D1: Instructors Manual 69
Function 2: Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering at the
Management Level
Part B2: Course Outline 88
Part C2: Detailed Teaching Syllabus 90
Part D2: Instructors Manual 103
Function 3: Maintenance and Repair at the Management Level
Part B3: Course Outline 114
Part C3: Detailed Teaching Syllabus 116
Part D3: Instructors Manual 124
Function 4: Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for
Persons on Board at the Management Level
Part B4: Course Outline 135
Part C4: Detailed Teaching Syllabus 141
Part D4: Instructors Manual 170
Part E: Evaluation 195

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Kalupahana 02-Sep-2015 07:44
Please forward the IMO model course for chief and second officer
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