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Tanker Familiarization Course material for Aboa Mare

Year: 2014
Language: english
Author: Kim Solax
Genre: Training courses
Publisher: University of Theseus
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 128
Description: The aim with this thesis is to provide Aboa Mare with an updated material to their tanker familiarization course. Furthermore my aim is to provide new future deckhands joining a tanker with essential need to know information that will help them perform their duties on board a tanker. The course material should meet the requirements established by both the STCW and the IMO. The tanker familiarization material is based on STCW, chapter V which states the mandatory minimum requirements for the training and qualification for masters, officers and ratings on oil tankers. Furthermore the IMO has developed a series of model courses for maritime training institutes worldwide which provides the institutes with detailed information such as course timetables, learning objectives, course framework, a course outline, guidance notes for the instructor and a summary of how students should be evaluated. After participating the IMO Model course 1.01, tanker familiarization the candidate should be able to show basic knowledge and understanding in safe cargo operations on board oil tankers, precautions to prevent hazards, apply occupational health and safety precautions and measures, carrying out fire-fighting operations, know how to respond to emergencies and take precautions to prevent pollution of the environment. This thesis is based on a literature research


1. Introduction
1.1 Objective
1.2 Research!question
1.3 Limitations
1.4 Method
1.5 Previous!studies
2. Theoretical!Part
2.1 STCW
2.5 IMO!and!the!IMO!model!courses
2.6 IMO!Model!course!1.01!outline
3. The!development!of!the!basic!tanker!course!material
3.1 Appendix!II
3.1.1 Introduction
3.1.2 Tankers
3.1.3 Toxicity, Hazard and Hazard Control
3.1.4 Emergency, Safety and Protection of Personnel
3.1.5 Pollution
3.1.6 Cargo equipment on board oil tankers
3.1.7 Cargo operations on board oil tankers
4. Conclusions
4.1 Discussion
4.3 Future!Research
5. References



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