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Environmental Guidelines (Edition 4.0)

Year: 2021
Language: english
Author: ClassNK
Genre: Normative document
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 48
Description: The Guidelines was last formally reviewed and revised in 2016; since that time, however, another
review of its provisions and contents became necessary for several reasons: some of the criteria for
treaty requirements have been changed; environmental measures that were stipulated as optional
advanced features in the last version of the Guidelines are now actually mandatory treaty
requirements that have become common practise; and the fact that there are still currently insufficient
provisions for some environmental measures considered to by many to be necessary. For these reasons,
therefore, the contents of the Guidelines have been revised and updated in reference to the latest
international conventions, etc., but also in response to the increased attention being paid to SDGs in
recent years by societies and governments around the world.
The Guidelines prescribes minimum requirements for environmental measures
which are considered to be desirable with respect to current conditions. Compliance with these
minimum requirements is indicated by the affixation of the notation “Environmental Awareness” to
ship classification characters.
This Environmental Guidelines applies to ships classed, taking environmental
measures and submitting an application for the affixation of notation to ship classification characters.
It is assumed that the verification of the safety aspects of the ships to which the Guidelines applies
has been carried out in the process required for classification in accordance with the provisions of the
Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships, etc.



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