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Garbage and Waste Management - Seagull Maritime Training

Author: Seagull Maritime Training
Year: 20XX
Language: English
Genre: Maritime Training
Playtime: 25 min
Quality: WEB-DL
Format: MP4
Video: 990x556
Audio: Stereo / 48.000 khz
Description: Despite the requirement for all ships to display signs showing how to dispose of garbage correctly, there have been a number of high profile incidents recently where crew members have been photographed disposing of garbage illegally, leading to large fines. There have also been a number of accidents where crew members have been seriously injured because they have bypassed the safety features on incinerators.
This module is aimed at changing the behaviour of crew so that they are aware of their responsibilities to the environment and to keep them safe.
The aim of this learning title is to ensure that learners are aware of the regulatory requirements regarding garbage disposal, the possible consequences
of disposing of garbage incorrectly and are aware of the dangers that can arise if incinerators are not used correctly.





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