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Asset Management Operating System AMOS Business Suite 9.2. User Guide.

Год выпуска: 2012
Язык: английский
Автор: SpecTec
Жанр: Инструкция
Формат: PDF
Качество: Распознанный текст без ошибок (OCR)
Количество страниц: 68
Описание: The Amos software is software is a core part of the vessels management system and is supplied to all vessels for the following tasks.
1 Purchasing
2 Inventory -Stock control of spare parts and expendables
3 PMP -Scheduling and recording of planned maintenance.
4 Import and Export of data regarding all above tasks to and from head office.


1.Location of shortcuts and folders on Amos Notebook
2. Request for user access
3. Start and customization
4. Component /stock system.
BB.Spare parts.
EE.Removal of unused components
FF. Stock Control
GG. Correcting the stock items location
HH. Taking parts out of stock
5. Currency Rates
6. Working with Attachments
7. Locations
8. Addresses (Search for approved shipchandlers)
9. Purchase
AA. Direct Requisitioning.
BB. Using Wanted Feature
CC. Ordering of el.motors (new or rewinding)
DD. Order Progress supervision.
EE. Receiving of Purchase Order.
FF. Provision purchase
GG.How to Print/View/Correct requisition
10. Planned maintenance
AA.Work Done reporting.
BB.Viewing of Reported Work
CC.Next Month Jobs planning
DD.Updating the Run-time counters
EE.Changing options when reporting work
FF.How to change Status of Postponed/Completed job
11. Inventory
12. Amos Coding System
13. Company specific coding
AA.COMMS equipment:
BB.Nautical /Publications/ Signal
DD.Coding of COMPANY supplied items
EE.Crane coding system
FF.Provision stock items


Amos Guide9.2.pdf


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