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UI Interpretations of the IGF Code [2019, pdf]

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: IACS
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 23
Description: Interpretations of the IGF Code


GF1 Test for gas fuel tank’s high level alarm Rev.1 July 2017
GF2 Ship Steel Protection against Liquefied Gas Fuel
(Part A-1, paragraph 6.3.10) Sep 2017
GF3 Tank connection space for tanks on open deck and
tank connection space equipment Dec 2017
GF4 Fuel preparation room Dec 2017
GF5 Appropriate location of premixed engines using
fuel gas mixed with air before the turbocharger Dec 2017
GF6 Protection against cryogenic leakage and control of
hazardous zones in fuel preparation rooms on
open deck Dec 2017
GF7 External surface area of the tank for determining
sizing of pressure relief valve Dec 2017
GF8 Control and maintenance of pressure and
temperature of liquefied gas fuel tanks after the
activation of the safety system Dec 2017
GF9 Special consideration within the risk assessment of
closed or semi-enclosed bunkering stations Dec 2017
GF10 Ventilation of machinery spaces Dec 2017
GF11 Ventilation of double piping and gas valve unit
spaces in gas safe engine-rooms Dec 2017
GF12 Ventilation inlet for double wall piping or duct Dec 2017
GF13 Fire protection of spaces containing equipment
for the fuel preparation July 2018
GF14 Hazardous area classification of fuel storage
hold spaces July 2018
GF15 Alarms for loss of ventilation capacity July 2018
Page 2 IACS Int. 2019
GF16 Liquefied gas fuel tank loading limit higher than calculated
using the reference temperature Dec 2018
GF17 Other rooms with high fire risk Dec 2018
GF18 Level indicator in the bilge well of tank connection spaces
of independent liquefied gas storage tanks Feb 2019




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