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Detection and Reporting of Fugitive Methane Emissions from LNG Carriers

Year: 2022
Language: english
Author: SIGTTO
Publisher: Witherby Publishing Group Ltd
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 978-1-914992-81-0
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 30
Description: This document provides guidance to assist the gas shipping industry in its efforts to reduce methane emissions from LNG carriers. Methane is a greenhouse gas (GHG), and it is vital to minimise the environmental impact from the transportation of liquefied gas. This is the first document in a series that plans to address this issue. As a first step, this document provides guidance on the detection and reporting of fugitive methane emissions.
The main purpose of this document is to recommend that a structured system is set up to identify, detect, measure and quantify fugitive emissions of methane from LNG carriers. This is an important primary step that may also support a more comprehensive leak detection and repair (LDAR) system that is intended to reduce emissions through maintenance and design improvements.
Additional info: The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to protect and promote the mutual interests of its members in matters related to the safe and reliable operation of gas tankers and terminals within a sound environment. The Society was founded in 1979 and was granted consultative status at the International Maritime Organization in November 1983.





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