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Year: 2022
Version: 3.9.1
Developer: Omar Reis
Platform: Android
System Requirements: Requires Android 4.4 and up.
Localization: english
Crack: N/A
Description: VRTool "SideKick" (VSK) integrates charting, sailing calculator and GPS data logger. It transforms your GPS enabled phone or tablet in a powerful sail boat racing tool.
Now it brings most of VRTool desktop charting features, packed in this mobile app. Key data components used by VSK in charts and calculations include:
- GPS position ( or you can type coordinates )
- GSHHS world maps
- Polar chart for your boat ( customized ).
- NOAA GFS wind forecasts.
VSK shows the current polar line, TWA, sail efficiency, best course to destination, great circle distance and course. Also operates as a data logger, saving boat positions and other sailing variables periodically.
Charting tools include: measure tool, route and track design, add mark, add geodesic circles. Weather routing calculation up to 144h, with hi-res collision detection.
Real time editor for your customized boat polars. Edit polars as you sail by dragging the curve points.
Sidekick can also be configured to act as a NMEA talker, broadcasting GPS messages to other software connected to the boat TCP/IP network via boat wi-fi.
Additional info:

VR Tool v.4.1.1 - Omar Reis [2022]

Developer: Omar Reis | Year: 2022 | Localization: english | Crack: N/A | Platform: Windows

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