las_chirlas ® 24-Jun-2015 10:46
Sorry, ladies and gentlemen.
Can't write in russian, and my english is poor also.
Some time ago, maybee 20 years, I tried to get informations to sail to Крым Krym. I contacted the embassy several times. Never get an answer. The I discussed it in some sailing groups. They told me, to sail to Krym is not recommended, because the see and treat every foreigner as a spy.
How is the situation now?
What about anchoring? Sailing in the Sea of Azov? Marinas?
Thank you, all answers in every language are welcome.
Guest 26-Jun-2015 08:30
But you should check firstly - where you want to go as next port, think that if you will obtain the visa to Crimea via Russian embassy - the Ukrainian ports/marinas will be closed for you until they will think that Crimea is the part of Ukraine Улыбка)).
If via Ukrainian embasy - don't know= will you pass throw the border at Crimea or not.
The situation from this side is hard for us. The Crimean citizens can not obtain the visa from EU embassies at Russia, but in Kiev, Ukraine = all ok, but anyhow it's better to check at spesialized forums like tripadvisor or something like that. But anykhow don't put any crimean ports at your AIS before you will not be near the Crimea.
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