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Crude oil tanker "British Kestrel" Cargo operating manual- Worldwide Marine Technology ltd., UK- [2005, PDF]

Year: 2005
Language: english
Author: Worldwide Marine Technology ltd.
Genre: Documentation
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 194
Description: The purpose of this ‘one-stop’ manual is to assist, inform and guide competent ship’s staff, and trainees in the operation of the systems and equipment on board and to provide additional information that may not be otherwise available. In some cases, the competent ship’s staff and trainees may be initially unfamiliar with this vessel and the information in this manual is intended to accelerate the familiarisation process. It is intended to be used in conjunction with shipyard drawings and manufacturer’s instruction manuals, bulletins, Fleet Regulations, the ship’s Captain’s and Chief Engineer’s Standing Orders and in no way replaces or supersedes these publications, all of which take precedence over this manual.
Information relevant to the operation of the British Kestrel has been carefully collated in relation to the systems of the vessel and is presented in three on board volumes consisting of BRIDGE SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT OPERATING MANUAL, CARGO OPERATING MANUAL and MACHINERY OPERATING MANUAL.
This release contains Cargo Operating Manual.
The Cargo Operating Manual is designed to complement Marpol 73/78, ISGOTT and Company Regulations. The vessel is constructed to comply with MARPOL 73/78. These regulations can be found in the Consolidated Edition, 1991 and in the Amendments dated 1992, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2001, and 2003.


List of Contents:
Issue and Updates
Mechanical Symbols and Colour Scheme
Electrical and Instrumentation Symbols
Part 1: Cargo Systems Description
1.1 Cargo Tanks Layout and Capacity Plans
1.1a Cargo Tanks Layout
1.1b Tank Capacity Tables I
1.1c Tank Capacity Tables II
1.2 Cargo Piping System
1.2.1 System Description
1.2.2 Measuring and Sampling
1.2.3 Slop Tank Usage
1.2.4 Slop Tank and Cargo Tank Heating
1.2.1a Cargo Piping System
1.2.2a Measuring and Sampling Positions
1.2.3a Slop Tank Cross Section
1.2.4a Cargo and Slop Tank Heating System
1.3 Cargo Pumps
1.3.1 Main Cargo Pumps
1.3.2 Stripping Pump and Eductors
1.3.3 Automatic Cargo Stripping System
1.3.4 Cargo Valves
1.3.5 Pressure Vacuum (PV) Valves
1.3.1a Main Cargo Pumps
1.3.1b Main Cargo Pump Characteristic Curves
1.3.2a Stripping Pump System
1.3.2b Stripping Pump Control Panel
1.3.3a Automatic Cargo Stripping System
1.3.3b High Vapour Pressure Curve Graph
1.3.5a Pressure Vacuum Valve
1.4 Inert Gas System - Main and Top-Up Generator
1.4.1 System Description
1.4.2 Operation of the Main System
1.4.3 Maintenance (Routine Maintenance in Operation Only)
1.4.1a Inert Gas System - Engine Room
1.4.1b Inert Gas System on Deck
1.4.2a Inert Gas Control Panel - CECR
1.4.2b Top-Up Generator Local Control Panel and Wheelhouse
Inert Gas Indication Panel
1.4.2c Calibration Sample Selection Switch
1.5 Crude Oil Washing and Tank Cleaning System
1.5.1 System Description
1.5.1a Crude Oil Washing System
1.5.1b COW Machine Pitch/RPM Run Times
1.6 Hydraulic Systems
1.6.1 Cargo and Ballast Valve Hydraulic System
1.6.1a Cargo and Ballast Valve Remote Control System
1.6.1b Cargo Tank Valve Arrangement
1.6.1c Power Pack Control Panel on Main Console
1.7 Ballast System
1.7.1 System Description
1.7.1a Cargo Ballast System
Part 2: Cargo Handling Procedures
2.1 Cargo Handling Operation Sequence Diagrams
2.1.1 Loading
2.1.2 Discharging
2.2 Inerting Cargo Tanks
2.2.1 Initial Inerting
2.2.2 Use With/Without Vapour Emission Control (VEC)
2.2.3 Inert Gas Operations During Loading
2.2.4 Inert Gas Operations During Discharging
2.2.1a Initial Inerting
2.2.2a Vapour Emission Control Monitoring and Alarm System
2.2.2b Vapour Emission Control System
2.2.4a Inerting Cargo Tanks During Discharge
2.3 Loading Cargo
2.3.1 Loading a Single Grade Cargo
2.3.2 Loading a Two and Three Grade Cargo
2.3.1a Loading Cargo - Single Grade
2.3.2a Loading Cargo - Two Grades
2.3.2b Loading Cargo - Three Grades
2.4 Discharging Cargo
2.4.1 Full Discharge
2.4.2 Discharge of a Single Grade Cargo with COW of Both
Slop Tanks, No.2 and No.3 COTs
2.4.3 Discharging a Three Grade Cargo with 100% COW,
Pipeline Admixture and One Valve Separation Acceptable
2.4.4 Part Cargo Discharge
2.4a Full Discharge
2.4.1a Line Draining to the MARPOL Line
2.4.2a Single Grade Discharge
2.4.2b COW of No.2 Cargo Oil Tanks
2.4.2c COW of No.3 Cargo Oil Tanks
2.4.3a Full Discharge
2.4.3b COW of Starboard Slop Tank
2.4.3c COW of No.2 and No.5 Cargo Oil Tanks
2.4.3d COW of No.1 and No.4 Cargo Oil Tanks
2.4.4a Part Discharge
2.4.4b COW of No.1 and No.4 Cargo Oil Tanks
2.5 Crude Oil Washing and Tank Cleaning System
2.5.1 System Description
2.5.2 Operation and Maintenance of the COW Machines
(Routine Maintenance in Operation Only)
2.5.3 Crude Oil Wash
2.5.4 Water Wash - (Cold or Hot)
2.5.1a Crude Oil Washing System
2.5.1b COW Machine and Tank Cross Section Cleaning Times
2.5.2a Tank Cleaning Machine Description
2.5.3a Crude Oil Wash
2.5.4a Closed Cycle Washing No.3 COTs
2.6 Gas Freeing
2.6.1 Gas Freeing for Entry Procedure
2.6.2 Gas Freeing for Hot Work
2.6a Gas Freeing
2.7 Ballasting and Deballasting Operations
2.7.1 Ballast Operations
2.7.2 Heavy Weather Ballasting
2.7.3 Line Cleaning
2.7.4 Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME)
2.7.1a Ballasting Operation
2.7.1b Deballasting Operation
2.7.2a Heavy Weather Ballasting
2.7.2b Heavy Weather Deballasting
2.7.3a Line Wash with No.1 Cargo Oil Pump
2.7.3b Line Wash with No.2 Cargo Oil Pump
2.7.3c Line Wash with No.3 Cargo Oil Pump
2.7.3d Line Wash with the Stripping Pump
2.7.4a Oil Discharge Monitoring System
2.7.4b Flow Control Chart
Part 3: Cargo Operations - Control and Instrumentation
3.1 Control Systems
3.1.1 Control System Overview
3.1.2 Mimic Panels
3.1.3 Control of Valves and Pumps
3.1.4 Loading Computer
3.1.2a Mimic Diagram for Ballast System (i)
3.1.2b Mimic Diagram for Ballast System (ii)
3.1.2c Mimic Diagram for Cargo and Tank Cleaning System (i)
3.1.2d Mimic Diagram for Cargo and Tank Cleaning System (ii)
3.1.3a Cargo Oil Pump Control Panel on Cargo Console
3.1.3b Open/Close Command Button
3.1.3c Intermediate Position Type Valve Controller
3.1.3d Stripping Pump Control Panel
3.1.4a CargoMax Main Screen Display
3.1.4b CargoMax Ballast Screen Display
3.2 Centralised Control Room, Console and Panels
3.2.1 Cargo Control Centre
3.2.1a Cargo and Engine Control Room Layout
3.2.1b Cargo Control Room Console Layout
3.3 Cargo Tank Instrumentation System
3.3.1 Saab Tank Level Measurement System
3.3.2 Remote Sounding and Draught Gauge System
3.3.3 Overfill Alarm System
3.3.4 Gas Detection System
3.3.1a Tank Level Measurement and Alarms
3.3.1b Saab Tank Level Monitor Display
3.3.1c Cargo Grade Display
3.3.1d Tank Channel Data Window
3.3.2a Remote Sounding and Draught Gauge System
3.3.3a Overfill Alarm System
3.3.4a Gas Detection System
Part 4: Emergency Systems and Procedures
4.1 Emergency Systems and Procedures
4.1.1 Deck Fire Hydrant, Lifeboat and Liferaft Water Spray
4.1.2 Deck Foam System
4.1.3 Pump Room Hot Foam Fire Extinguishing System
4.1.4 Discharge of Cargo from a Damaged Tank
4.1.5 Oil Spill and Pollution Prevention - Cargo
4.1.6 Emergency Inerting of Ballast Tanks
4.1.7 Pump Room Bilge System
4.1.1a Fire and Deck Wash System
4.1.1b Lifeboat, Liferaft and Rescue Boat Water Spray System
4.1.2a Deck Foam System
4.1.3a Hot Foam Fire Extinguishing System in the Pump Room
and Engine Room
4.1.3b Hot Foam Discharge Control Panel
4.1.5a Oil Spill Pump System
4.1.6a Emergency Inerting of a Ballast Tank
4.1.6b Emergency Inerting No.2 Starboard Ballast Tank
4.1.7a Pump Room Bilge System


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