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Guidelines for Lifting Operations

Year: 2007
Language: english
Author: IMCA
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 68
Description: IMCA’s Crane & Winch Operations Workgroup (established under the Marine Division Management Committee)
has developed this guidance primarily for subsea lifting operations, but the principles described are relevant to
all offshore lifting operations and generically to lifting operations anywhere.
On a typical vessel, lifting is endemic to operations and ranges from lifting of stores and spares handling through
to complicated and heavy lifts. One survey showed that there could be more than 200 different lifting operations
on a vessel. Each lifting operation has a risk of injury to people. Although many tasks are repetitive and of low
risk, a percentage of them will be of greater risk and will require appropriate scrutiny and input to reduce risks
to an acceptable level.
It is worth noting that many accidents occur in what are perceived as low risk everyday operations. It is
therefore important to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place to try to ensure that lifting teams remain
alert to all likely risks regardless of the ease or difficulty of an operation.
The guidance offers basic criteria. It is based on existing practice collated from major companies, adopts
improved methods for lifting and is intended to be of use for world-wide operations.
This guidance is intended to show essential components that should be included in company procedures for
lifting operations and offers advice on the steps within a lifting operation process that will promote safety.
Member companies use their procedures in operations internationally, supplemented, if necessary, by any
additional local regulatory demands.
This document can be applied to all vessels, their support bases and other shore operations. The main objective
is that, regardless of location, if each step of the process outlined in this guidance is followed and suitably applied
then every lift should be carried out in a safe manner because it is:
 completed within an appropriate management system;
 properly planned;
 risk assessed;
 supervised; and
 completed with competent personnel and the proper equipment.


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