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Navigation and Operations Work Book

Year: 2015
Language: english
Author: Tom Alex
Genre: Practical guide
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 500
Description: This is the scan copy of Navigation and Operations work book that I made while doing my cadetship.
Hei ! So i have passed my second mates couple of months back. I did it from UK. And my orals were quite easy and got over fast. The reason for that was , the surveyor was quite impressed with my Navigations and Operations work book. So i have decided to scan my workbook. This ,I hope, will help anybody who is preparing for second mates and need a work book.
My only request to juniors who are using this is that, they refrain from just copying and pasting the stuff. Please try to understand that the things in are for guidance only and try to work it yourself. Also understand that calculations and procedures are required till you retire from this field( or until they decide to allow computers to take over completely :) ).So please use it well.
Another thing I need to say is that, there may be some errors in this workbook.My understanding of shipboard operations has changed greatly since my first day on first ship and my last day on second ship. I started workbook roughly after two weeks after joining ship. So do let me know if you find some mistakes as that will help me also.
Lastly, I would like to thank all the good Masters,Mates.Officers and Crew who have helped me learning all the things that I know now. Nothing in this workbook is my invention. I have acquired all this from others. So spread the riches around
Good luck
Addendum :
In Calculations pdf please note that some pages do not have headers properly. I realised this mistake only after scanning. Hence I have scanned the pages which have missing headings/other information to a seperate files as Calculations additional ! Sorry about that
All that is written in Blue ink is my first ship and those written in black ink belongs to second ship !
I have noticed that some pages are not too bright. Thats probably because of the pen I used while writing the Workbook. Unfortunately there is no way to fix it !


Safety Emergency Security drill scenarios
- Collision drill
- Piracy attack
- Fire drill in E/R, P/R , Galley , Boiler spaces
- Stowaway/Contraband/Narcotic search
- Bomb search
- Emergency steering
- Emergency Towing Arrangement
- Oil spill - P/R , MFold , loading/Discharging , bunkering
- Lifeboat drill
- Grounding/Stranding
- Dragging anchor
- Casuality rescue
- Emergency medical attention drill
-Distress call and rescue
-UTI Tape Overhauling
-Ballast actuator
-Chain locker
-Ballast tank/Cargo tank entry cleaning
-Non Return V/v /Deck seal cleaning
-PV Breaker
-Winches overhauling
-Mfold valves
-Lifeboat Davit , Liferaft Davit wires
-Gangway,MOT Ladder,Pilot ladder
-Hose handling crane,Provision crane
-Cargo pumps,Cargo line
-Life saving equipment/Fire fighting equipment
ETA Greasing
-Ballast tank
-Painter store sprinkler
-Roller greasing
-Anchor painting
-Marking snapback zone
-Mooring ropes from rope store maintenance
-Pressure testing of fire hose
-Tankdome greasing and painting
-Seachest integrity
-Pneumatic shutdown of P/R in case of fire
-Bilge checking
-Pressure testing of cargo/IG/Fire hose
-Greasing of foam monitors
-Cleaning paintroom
-Flame screen cleaning – Galley / Mastriser
-Magnetic compass mirror cleaning
-Gyro repeater synchronizing
-Wilden pump overhauling
-High level alarm checking
- FW Generator operation
-IG plant
-Flamability diagram
-Write up on pyro technics and its maintenance
-Anchor and Anchor chain
PSC inspection
USCG Inspection
Ballast exchange
Cargo operation
Panama canal crossing
Picking up provisions and tallying
Cargo watch/Anchor watch/Deck watch/Bridge watch
Relieve and handover watch
Taking visual draft
Port operations
Precargo meeting
Hourly cargo information exchange
Discussion of MSDS
Daily toolbox talk
Safety meeting
Weekly crew meeting
Over time mgmt.
RA,Near misses, unsafe act
Compass Error
Sights ( Include a write up on sextant and diagram)
ETA Calc
Air Draft
Tide Calculations
Turning circle
Squat Calc
Wind calculation
Mooring winch break test
Spherical trigonometry
Draft survey report
Cargo report stability
Magnetic compass deviation curve/card
Chronometer calc
Reqrd speed / ETA
Wheel over position
Passage plan
Set and drift
Bunkering calc
Luminous range intensity
Radar plotting


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