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On board Maintenance and Drills agenda (updated)

Year: 2022
Language: english
Author: Dromon
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 27
Description: Updated technical publication concerning the requirements for maintenance and inspection of firefighting, lifesaving and radio equipment as well as drills as per statutory instruments.
The publication includes requirements for:
- On-board Maintenance & Inspection of Fire Protection Systems and Life-Saving Appliances
- Servicing, Inspection & Testing of Accommodation Ladders, gangways, davits and winches
- Servicing, Inspection & Testing of Launching Appliances (davit and winch)
- Servicing, Inspection & Testing of Lifeboat on-load release gear
- Servicing, Inspection & Testing of Davit-launched liferaft automatic release hooks
- Servicing, Inspection & Testing of Radio and Navigation Equipment
- On-board Training and Drills
The information should be used for the ship’s on board maintenance plan as required by SOLAS regulation II-2/14.
In accordance with ISM Code Section 10.1 the safety management system of the company must provide a maintenance plan which ensures maintenance and inspection of the ship and equipment according to the relevant rules and regulations, codes, guidelines and standards.
The ship ISM Managers should ensure that the existing maintenance programme on board ships follows the revised guidelines and necessary amendments or revisions should be carried out.



on Board Maintenance and Drills Agenda 2022.pdf


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