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Mariners Guide to Marine Communications

Год выпуска: 2001
Язык: английский
Автор: Ian Waugh
Жанр: Справочное издание
Издательство: The Nautical Institute
ISBN: 1 870077 58 X
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы + слой распознанного текста
Количество страниц: 254
Описание: THIS GUIDE HAS REEN WRITIEN PRIMARIlY FOR DECK OFFICERS keeping bridge watches at sea and other persons who have to manage and use the radio/ satellite communications equipment onboard a modern merchant ship.
There will be one person onboard - usually from the deck department - who will be 'designated with responsibility for radio communications during emergencies' To assist that 'radio operator' the guide explains, with examples, the type of information that should be recorded in the radio log each day, week and month. The guide is divided into three parts:
- Part 1 provides an overview of the GMDSS; explains how to receive 'Maritime Safety Information' (weather/navigational information, and shore-to-ship Search & Rescue (SAR) messages) and introduces the concept of a 'communications plan' for each voyage - for receiving the required maritime safety information, maintaining the correct radio watch and using ship reporting systems. Regular tests and checks that should be recorded in the radio log are covered in this part.
- Part 2 covers the operating (alerting/making contact and subsequent voice/telex) procedures; for all types of communication (Distress, Urgency, Safety and Routine) - for each type of radio/satcom equipment- andwhichpublicationsmaybeusedforeachsituation.
- Part 3 explains how each piece of radio/satellite communications equipment is physically configured, including ancillary equipment; how to use the main controls on each piece of equipment and what regular (operator) maintenance and checks are required to be carried out on the equipment. Preparing for the periodic 'Ship Radio Survey' is covered here.
The guide is designed primarily as a day-to-day tool for the management of radio and satellite communications onboard the modern merchant ship. It can also be used to prepare for a GMDSS training course; by training centres as a course manual; or as a 'refresher' publication when your training course is a distant memory. Parts 1 and 2 include 'question & answer' sections to test your understanding of the procedures included in those parts.



Mariners Guide to Marine Communications 2001 Waugh.pdf


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