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A Master's Guide to Ships Piping

Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: Murdoch E.
Genre: Guide
Publisher: The Standard Club, Charles Taylor & Co
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 42
Description: The Standard P&I Club’s loss prevention programme focuses on best practice to avert those claims that are avoidable and that often result from crew error or equipment failure. In its continuing commitment to safety at sea and the prevention of accidents, casualties and pollution, the club issues a variety of publications on safety-related subjects, of which this is one.Everyone knows about the effect of corrosion on a ship’s hull, but few people consider the effect of corrosion on piping. Pipes pose a hidden danger, a danger that is often neglected.
Pipes are silent ‘workers’, conveying fluids or allowing air to enter or to leave a space and are the means through which many control systems operate. They go unnoticed until pipe failure occurs and a machine stops operating, a space floods or oil is spilled. Pipes penetrate almost every enclosed space, as well as the shell above and below the waterline, and the weather deck. There is no system on a ship that has such enormous potential to cause fire, pollution,
flooding or even total loss.The majority of ships’ pipes are constructed of ferrous material, which comes under attack from all forms of corrosion. As a ship ages, so does the piping system. Maintenance is not always easy, as pipes, unlike the hull, are difficult to examine because of their number and inaccessibility. It is practically impossible to maintain them internally and it is sometimes difficult to maintain a pipe’s external surface, where most corrosion usually occurs. As a result, pipes can receive minimal maintenance, and pipe failure is often the result.There is a cautionary tale about an operator who was once asked, when is it necessary to replace a pipe? His telling reply was, when it bursts. The purpose of this guide is to alert ships’ crews to the danger of catastrophic loss that can result from pipe failure. Our intention is to raise awareness of redundancy in pipe design and the difficulties involved in the surveying of
piping. Pipe failure will be prevented only by a proactive approach to inspection, maintenance and repair.



Murdoch E. A Master's Guide to Ships Piping, 2012.pdf


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