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Safe Travel - a Guide for Seafarers

Year: 202x
Language: english
Author: ISWAN
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 16
Description: Seafarers should be well prepared for their trip and plan health protection.
Travelling abroad for long periods requires thorough preparation to ensure we keep healthy and safe. It is important for seafarers to make sure they organise appropriate health protection before travelling, including any vaccines and medication they might require for their trip. Once travelling, there are simple things seafarers can do to avoid health risks such as heatstroke, food poisoning and sexually transmitted infections.
This guide provides advice to help seafarers prepare for their next trip, including a checklist of items that seafarers can go through before travelling. It also covers illnesses that are common in particular parts of the world and advises on how to avoid them.




Safe travel - a guide for seafarers.pdf


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