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Environmental Sustainability In Maritime Transport Industry

Year: 2022
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Description: A course dedicated to Marine life and Marine Ecosystem
What you'll learn
Sustainability in Shipping Operations
Environmental Ship Index (ESI) - Green Ships
Green Technologies for Ships and Ports
Sustainable Terminal Operations
Role of Shippers in Carbon Footprint Reduction
Community Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement
Willingness to Learn
Passion for Green Logistics
This course doesn't require any prior knowledge in shipping and port operations.
Love for Marine Life and Ocean protection
All are welcome to take this course.
Green Logistics simply denotes the art of Moving Goods with Minimal Environmental Impact. Green Shipping deals with Eco-friendly handling, storing and movement of cargo throughout the logistics chain, with a focus on sustainability in Operations. In the current world, sustainability in operations is the only way for survival. Financial institution's tough ESG performance measurement criterias and strict IMO regulatory compliance are to be met at the same time, making it difficult for shipping industry to see profits after fulfilling all the requirements. But, if we know what needs to be done, it gets easier. This course is a basic course for all stakeholders and financial institutions to understand what Green Maritime is all about. The Green Eco System in Shipping consists of six stakeholders: 1. Shippers or the Customers who ship their Cargo2. Shipping Lines / Ship Owners who operate the ships3. Port Authorities who monitor the port operations4. Companies that operate the Port terminals5. International and Local Regulatory Bodies6. Third Parties like Ship Builders, Research firms, Tech Firms, International trade routes and Canals, and ship breaking / recycling eco-system at the End of ship's LifeWe will be discussing each of these topics on how they impact the environment and what should be done to reduce their impact, for sustainable development.Welcome aboard
Section 1: Green Logistics management
Lecture 1 Lets Understand Green Logistics and Sustainable Development
Section 2: Green Shipping and why Sustainability is important in today's world.
Lecture 2 Green Shipping explained with an Example
Section 3: Shippers and Customers Responsibility
Lecture 3 Case study from Maersk
Lecture 4 Role of a Shipper
Section 4: Sustainability in Shipping Lines and Alignment to Sustainable Development Goals
Lecture 5 Greening the Shipping lines and impact of IMO 2020 on Sulfur emissions
Section 5: Green Ports
Lecture 6 Sustainable Ports. Impact of Port operations on Land, Water and Nearby areas.
Lecture 7 Air Quality, Renewable energy and Future ports
Section 6: Sustainable terminal operations
Lecture 8 Green Terminals
Section 7: Regulatory Bodies
Lecture 9 Regulatory Bodies and their role in Green Shipping
Section 8: Technology, Community Outreach, Stakeholder Engagement aspects of Green Shipping
Lecture 10 Role of Technology
Lecture 11 Ship Building, Recycling, Container reuse, Community Outreach and way forward.
Job Seekers in Shipping and Port Operations,Sustainability Officers of Shipping Lines,Employees of Port Authority,Terminal Operators,Students of Maritime Institutes,Sustainable development enthusiasts and people who love earth.


Environmental sustainability in Maritime transport Industry


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