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Electrical Machines: Complete Induction Motors Course

Year: 2021
Language: english
Playtime: 4h 27m
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Format: MP4
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Audio: AAC 48.0 KHz x 320 Kbps
Description: What you'll learn
Realize the Importance and applictions of induction motors
Understand the construction and operation of three phase induction motors
Realize the types of the induction motors
Understand the concept of the power flow in the induction motors
Learn how to deduce the equivalent cicrcuit of the motor
Understand the torque speed chracterstics of the induction motor
Many solved examples on three phase induction motors
Realize the necessity for starters in induction motors
poroblems of high starting current
understand operation and implementation of Direct online starter
Start/Delta starter operation
Learn about the implementation of start/delta starter
Auto-tranformer starter operation and implementation
Sof starter operation and implementation
Rotor resistance starter operation and implementation
Realize pros, cons and applications of each starting method
Learn how to select the suitable starting method for any motor
Learn why speed control is necessary for the induction motor
Stator voltage speed control
Supply frequency speed control
V/F speed control
Realize what is Variable Frequency Drive ( VFD)
Understand how varible frequency drive works
Rotor resistance speed control
Implementation of rotor resistance control
understand The concept of slip energy recovery
Get the reason for using single phase induction motors
realize diiferent applications of 1 phase induction motors
Construction and opreation of single phase induction motors
Understand the difference between pulseting and rotating fields
Double revolving theory
Learn why 1-phase induction motor is not self-starting
Understand different starting methods
Different types of 1-phase motors
Split phase induction motor
Capacitor start induction motor
capacitor run induction motor
capacitor start - capacitor run motor
Comparison between different types of 1-phase induction motors
simple prior knowledge of Electrical circuits
The passion to learn every thing about Induction motors from A to Z
This course introduces a complete knowledge of three phase and single phase induction motors
The course will go into detail for the following key topics :-
Show a detailed construction of induction motors
See how the three-phase induction motor operates and rotates
See how we can obtain the equivalent circuit of the motor
Learn how the electrical power is converted to the output mechanical power through the power flow diagram
Get a full understanding of the torque-speed characteristics
Learn the different starting methods of induction motors ( operation , implementation , pros , cons and also applications )
Learn different methods to control speed of the induction motor ( operation , implementation , pros , cons and also applications )
See the construction and operation of single phase induction motors
Understand why single phase induction motor isn't self starting
Learn different types of single phase induction motors
Who this course is for
Any one want to get a complete knowledge about Induction Motors
Electrical Engineering Undergraduates
Any one work in the field of industry and deals with different types of induction motors
Anyone interested in electrical machines


Electrical Machines Complete Induction Motors Course


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