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Ballast Water Management System SAMSUNG PURIMAR ( manuals, video)

Year: 2019
Language: english
Genre: Training courses
Publisher: OVIMU 33-43
Edition: 2020
Format: Other
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 780
Description: Introduction and Information on PurimarTM Ballast Water Management System
The Purimar™ System has been designed and manufactured to meet IMO and USCG’s requirements for Ballast Water Management Systems. At ballasting, the ballast water treatment process performed by the Purimar™ System comprises of two main unit operations: mechanical separation (filtering) and disinfection (electrolysis based chlorination). In the first step, the filters (50 μm filter fineness) remove particles, sediments and organisms of the larger size classes. This allows the following disinfection step to minimize the use of NaOCl, a chlorine compound. In the second step, the sodium hypochlorite solution generated from the electrolysis unit is injected into the filtered influent ballast water to effectively disinfect organisms of the smaller size class and bacteria remaining in the filtrate. At deballasting, neutralization unit decreases the total residual oxidants (TRO) concentration if required before the ballast water discharge. This step makes Purimar™ system be safe and eco-friendly ballast water management system.
PurimarTM uses NaOCl as an active substance and it is generated and injected after filtration during ballasting operation, but it doesn’t have an effect on ballast water and tank or piping system except its biological efficacy to satisfy the regulations of USCG and IMO. Corrosion test has been carried out and its result shows it doesn’t have an effect on the tanks and piping system. Please refer to “APPENDIX 3 – CORROSION TEST REPORT” for details
Additional info: Tranning video 36 min + manuals



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