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Best Sailing Tips 2012

Year: 2012
Language: english
Author: Captain John Jamieson
Genre: Practical guide
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 36
Description: How would you like to have a single reference guide at your fingertips that contains just the most popular sailing articles over the past three years.
One place where you could find all of that information back-to-back. No hunting, searching, or frustration.
Compiled from the most popular articles over the past three years of the Sailing Tips Newsletter, you need look no further to find all you need right here in this exclusive,
1st edition eBook, where you will discover how to:
 Sail your boat in case you lost use of your wheel or tiller.
 Use a small, super accurate navigation device to check your steering compass.
 Pass "ship-killing" shoals smooth and easy--without your GPS!
 Rig your boat for heavy weather to keep balanced and comfortable.
 Choose the most vital sailing tool on earth that could save your life one day.
 Dock your boat like a pro in any wind or current--with confidence.
 Pull your boat off a shoal when you go aground.
 Repair a failed seacock with water flooding into your boat.
 Add years of life to your small sailboat auxiliary engine.
 Master the art of how to set any anchor under sail alone.
 Prepare your boat to enter and dock at any marina in the world.
 all this and much, much more…
Make that all important first step to turn your cruising dreams a reality! You can do it and this guide will show you how to get started. Enjoy the read!


Table of Contents
How to Save and View this eBook Online
1. Steer Your Boat Without a Rudder.
2. Take These Steps If You Go Aground.
3. How to Save Your Boat from Sinking.
4. Dock Your Boat with One Single Line.
5. Choose the #1 Most Vital Sailing Tool.
6. Seven Steps to Heavy Weather Control.
7. How to Anchor Downwind Under Sail.
8. Pass Ship-Killing Shoals Sans GPS.
9. Check Your Steering Compass Fast!
10. Keep Your Diesel Engine Running Like a Top!
11. Are You Ready to Enter That Marina?



Best Sailing Tips 2012.pdf


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