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ECDIS, ECDIS-ENC accuracy, Voyage Planning with ECDIS

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: North of England P&I Association
Publisher: North of England P&I Association
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 16
Description: North is a marine insurer company focused on safety culture and loss prevention, that also provides technical and operational expertise. These publications are on ECDIS general use, planning and ECDIS–ENC Accuracy. The folder contains three documents:
1. ECDIS (5 pages) is on ECDIS structure and implementation, training (STCW requirements), types of navigational charts and displaying features, and on operatioal use of ECDIS.
2. ECDIS–ENC Accuracy (9 pages). As paper charts, the data contained in the ENC is only as accurate as the original survey data from which it was made up. Therefore the bridge team should always be aware that a proper use of ENCs is essential, and the accuracy of ENCs is varied and subject to be carefully investigated. This publication briefly provides the OOW using ECDIS with information on determining the accuracy of the information displayed on their ENC.
3. Voyage Planning with ECDIS (2 pages) is a resume of basic good practices and a checklist on voyage planning.


What is ECDIS?
ECDIS Implementation
Navigational Charts
Operational Use of ECDIS
ECDIS/ECS Incidents
Further Guidance
2. ECDIS–ENC Accuracy
ECDIS Specific Familiarisation
IHO S-57
ENC Data Source
CATZOC Symbols
Other Information Available from M_QUAL Data
Survey Reliability Information
ENC Datums
Chartered Depths
Practical Guides to ENC use
Appendix 1 - CATZOC Table:
Appendix 2 - Glossary of Terms
Appendix 3 - IHO S-52 Mariner Benefits
3. Voyage Planning with ECDIS
Appraisal Section
Planning Section
Execution Section
Monitoring Section


ECDIS, ECDIS-ENC Accuracy, Voyage Planning with ECDIS


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